“Did the wise men really follow a star that led them to the baby, Jesus? If so, what did the star look like? How was it different from other stars? . . . What . . . would cause the magi to travel to the court of King Herod and boldly ask where the new Jewish king was?”

–Messiah’s Star

Natural law meets faith in Messiah’s Star, telling the story of the birth of Christ through celestial events occurring at that time. Grounded in science and told as it may have been seen through the  eyes of Biblical figures, Messiah’s Star shows how people of the day would have interpreted an amazing series of visible planetary conjunctions, the like of which has not happened at any other time in the history of Man. The timing of these extraordinary happenings appears to correspond with Biblical events, heralding the birth of Christ.

Messiah’s Star is the first book in Evidence of Faith, a series devoted to integrating scientific knowledge with Biblical text. Future titles in the series will be devoted to Genesis, evolution and the Crucifixion as well as other topics. Dourson plans to release the next book in the series by the end of 2014.


2 thoughts on “Home”

    1. Dear Mr. Hayworth

      Thanks for your comment. I agree that we collectively need to look more closely at these events, because if we do so, we get closer to the truth. I look forward to a time to sit down with you and members of your book club or Bible study to go over the story. I have a compact power point presentation that makes for lively discussion.

      His Peace!

      Michael Dourson

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Morning stars together proclaim your holy birth. . .