Reading Messiah’s Star

Dear Colleagues

One of my readers suggested giving folks an idea of where the story is going earlier in the text.  Good idea!  An easy way to see this is to view Table 1 in the Appendix (page 83 for paper copies).  This table gives the sequence and date of the various conjunctions along with the supporting Biblical text.  Of course, for those of you who may wish to be (somewhat) surprised by the twists of the story, referring to Table 1 after reading this story would work fine.

Please note an incredibly exciting development.  Coming to a Earth on June 30 and July 1 of 2015 is a conjunction of the planets Venus and Jupiter in the evening skies just after sunset.  This conjunction will be similar to the one under which Jesus was born, on June 17 of 2BC.

His Peace indeed!

Michael Dourson


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