Shroud of Turin

Dear Colleagues
Several of you who have managed to wade through my 3rd story on the Shroud of Turin have asked what was the 3rd heavenly sign in Chapter 4 that accompanied the crucifixion of Jesus.  When I reread my text I saw that this was not made explicit.  Sorry!
The first heavenly sign was the darkening of the sun as attested in several of our new testament descriptions.  The second heavenly sign was the constellation, the Ram, clothed in the sun (that is behind the sun), which happens every year in the Spring for about a month.  This could be seen as Jesus, signified by the constellation the Ram, returning to his Father, signified by the Sun (or perhaps this is just a coincidence).  The 3rd heavenly sign was the rising of the full moon on the evening of Passover in eclipse.  As many of you know, a moon can only be in eclipse when it is full, and a full moon in eclipse is referred to as a blood moon since it often takes on a reddish hue during eclipse.
What many folks do not know, however, is that the full moon rose in eclipse in Jerusalem on Friday, April 3, of the year 33 AD, the day often attributed as the day of Jesus’ crucifixion.  Peter also alludes to this blood moon in his Pentecost speech in Acts 2:20-22.
My 4th story is on Noah’s flood and some of very interesting science:
  • Fossils of 50,000 year old Mediterranean Salt water fish found in sediments of the now brackish water Caspian sea,
  • A homo sapiens mitochondrial DNA bottleneck in the middle east area about 50,000 years ago; and
  • A 2% frequency of Neanderthal DNA in all current homo sapiens, except Africans that is thought to have originated about 50,000 years ago.
If any of you want to be beta-readers of this new text, please let me know.  I am also looking for a catchy title…
His Peace indeed!

3rd story in the series…

Dear Colleagues

My 3rd story in this series of science and the Bible is now available on  This story,  titled “The Linen Cloths…Jesus left behind,” is about the science and scripture behind the Shroud of Turin.

See what you think!

Michael Dourson

The Night of Jesus’ Birth—This July 1st!

Dear Colleagues

Please note an incredibly exciting development.  Coming to a Earth on June 30 and July 1 of 2015 is a conjunction of the planets Venus and Jupiter in the evening skies just after sunset.   A nearly full moon rises in the east.  This conjunction and this moon will be nearly identical to what occur on the night of Jesus’ birth on June 17 of 2BC.

Share the exciting news—a once in a lifetime event!

Michael Dourson


My second story, The Beginning, is now available at Amazon!

Dear Colleagues
“Some people, in order to discover God, read books[the Bible]. But there is a great book: the very appearance of created things [Nature]. Look above you! Look below you! Note it. Read it.” (St. Augustine, 354-430)
In the spirit of Saint Augustine, I announce the release of my second story in the Evidence of Faith series, The Beginning.   The story shows one way in which the big bang theory and Genesis tell the same story and that evolution exists alongside Eve as the mother of humanity. I hope you like it.  Please feel free to send me your thoughts.
Michael Dourson

Reading Messiah’s Star

Dear Colleagues

One of my readers suggested giving folks an idea of where the story is going earlier in the text.  Good idea!  An easy way to see this is to view Table 1 in the Appendix (page 83 for paper copies).  This table gives the sequence and date of the various conjunctions along with the supporting Biblical text.  Of course, for those of you who may wish to be (somewhat) surprised by the twists of the story, referring to Table 1 after reading this story would work fine.

Please note an incredibly exciting development.  Coming to a Earth on June 30 and July 1 of 2015 is a conjunction of the planets Venus and Jupiter in the evening skies just after sunset.  This conjunction will be similar to the one under which Jesus was born, on June 17 of 2BC.

His Peace indeed!

Michael Dourson

Jupiter’s westward movement

Dear Readers of Messiah’s Star

I have uncovered an error in the text of Messiah’s Star in reference to the movement of Jupiter each evening.  The text states in several places that Jupiter moves westward each night, in the field of fixed stars.  This is not correct.  Instead, the text should read that Jupiter moves westward each night from Earth’s perspective.   Specifically, the planet Jupiter is farther in the west each night at pre dawn or post sunset observation, because Earth rotates around the sun eastward more quickly than does Jupiter.

I apologize for this error, and would be happy to send anyone the revised text.  Alternatively, one can wait for the second edition slated for June 17th, 2016.

His Peace!

Michael Dourson


Morning stars together proclaim your holy birth. . .